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Chip Tyre uses 2 Tana Shark Shredders to break down the tyres. Each machine can shred 25 tonne of tyres per hour. The Shark also removes most of the bead wire from the tyre which aids in the production of smaller size rubber crumb.

Product from the Shark is then put through a new Zerma 3 metre secondary shredder which can process 7 tonne per hour, wire free rubber crumb.

The rubber crumb then proceeds through a set of 4 granulators, separating nylon fibre with an air extraction system. The rubber crumb is then graded into required sizing.

Mill feed is then processed through 2 cracker mills to produce 30# (minus .7mm)

A new Eldan cracker has been added to the plant in Feb 2015, and this will double production of our 30# rubber crumb