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Chip Tyre produces rubber crumb in many sizes. Depending on the application, Chip Tyre can produce rubber crumb to suit all purposes.

30# – size smaller than .7mm

This powder is used in tile adhesive glue for the building industry and spray on bitumen in roads.

16G – minus 1.5 + .5mm

This product is used in noise reduction products and used on ship decks for anti-slip.

12G minus 2.2 +1.5mm

This product is used for infill in synthetic grass and playground matting.

-4mm minus 4.76 + 2.2 mm

This product is used extensively in hockey fields, sports fields, matting and childrens

playground matting.

Surflex minus 25mm + 10mm

This product is for the equestrian industry in horse walkers, arenas and walkways.

It is also used by sporting gun clubs as bullet stop in their shooting ranges

Sidewalls – cut from truck tyres.

These sidewalls are used to hold down tarps covering silage. There advantage over whole tyres is that they lay flat, do not hold water and are easy to store when not in use.